Acclaimed as one of leading global antivirus vendor, McAfee offers device-to-cloud cybersecurity solutions for both businesses  and consumers. Cyber- attacks happen 24/7 non-stop and not only cost fortunes to remediate, but also disrupt businesses reputation. McAfee helps in orchestrating your digital environments integrated by incorporating protection, detection and correction simultaneously. From Pervasive Data Protection, Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense, Intelligent Security Operations, until Cloud Security are delivered to eliminate breach in IT systems. These solutions are simply managed and synchronized in a single dashboard, preventing rules and policies interception. Navigating your digital environments become easier when all the cyber protection dots are connected.

Enterprise Security Solutions
Security platforms that make your products work as one.

Featured solutions

Many Solutions, One Team
When your cybersecurity solutions automatically coordinate, communicate, and share threat intelligence with each other, you gain faster, more proactive, and smarter threat detection and incident response.

Human-Machine Teaming
It takes a team of humans and machines, learning from each other and working as one, to keep up with the volume of escalating cyberthreats.

Secure the Cloud
Data and applications moving to the cloud increase your potential exposure to threats. End-to-end security from device to cloud transforms that risk into business acceleration.

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  • Database Security
  • Data Protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Network Security
  • Security Analytics
  • Security Management
  • Server Security
  • SIEM
  • Web Security

Business Solutions

  • Automate Incident Response
  • Automation & Efficacy
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Cloud Security
  • Data Center Security & Cloud Defense
  • Device Security
  • Embedded Security
  • GDPR Readiness
  • Hybrid Cloud Security
  • Integrated Threat Defense
  • Integrate Security Infrastructure
  • Intelligent Advanced Threat Management
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Pervasive Data Protection
  • Prevent Data Breaches
  • Private Cloud Security
  • Public Cloud Security
    Risk & Resiliency
  • Transformation

Industry Solutions

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Public Sector


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