BeyondTrust is a global  company  focusing  on cyber  security  by preventing  insider  privilege abuse and external hacking attacks. As the company grows and business develops, the volume of employees is increasing. Not only employees are categorized as “insiders”, but also external parties like vendor or customer that using company’s IT access and network.

It becomes  imminent danger and challenge for company’s integrated IT intelligence platform. IT and security departments,   unifying   and  empowering   them   with  the   information   and control   they  need  to jointly    prevent    breaches, maintain compliance, and ensure business continuity. BeyondTrust designs PowerBroker and Retina to fill the brief of IT issues nowadays, proven by customer references over 4000 worldwide, including half of the Fortune 100. Power Broker manages privileged account management  that can   mitigate user risk, not productivity. Retina as vulnerability management, integrated  with BeyondTrust database is  able to  deliver vulnerability assessment and remediation on IT system.