SailPoint,  market  leader  and pioneer  in enterprise  identity  governance,  brings the  power of identity to worldwide customers. Redefining  identity in security ecosystem, SailPoint’s identity platform  focuses  on three critical  questions, “Who has access  to what?”;  “Who should  have access to  what?”  and  “How  is that  access  being  used?”  Understanding  the  critical  points, customers  are assisted  in determining the right cyber  solutions  to build  a formidable digital identity   foundation.   The       innovative  technology  purposely  created  to  govern       digital identities    from    password management,  compliance     control    until    access    request    & automated     provisioning.     Identity  governance       platforms       are    including       IdentityIQ (on-premises);     IdentityNow     (cloud-based); SecurityIQ    (files);   and   IdentityAI    (analytic), offered    to  give    customers    flexibility    in  options. Altogether,   SailPoint   presents   myriad possibilities   in  managing   the  most  prominent   asset  of  an organization,  identity,  with an integrated identity governance platform.