Trends of digitalization and business agility demand rapid process in every aspect, not to mention the IT system. Delivering one-stop solution for network security and cloud computing, Sangfor Technologies is inarguably one of global leading IT vendor in Asia Pacific, especially in China. Sangfor Technologies maps three “big pictures” to furnish and enhance business process including Network Security, Network Optimization and Virtualization. Next Generation Application Firewall (NGAF) and Internet Access Management secure Your network-related process and simplify security operation. WAN Optimization eliminates bandwidth expansion as the black hole of IT investment. Hyper Converged Infrastructure facilitates “BYOD” era by enabling company to design an agile IT system and environment as it always in motion aggressively.

Smart Office

A Smart Office is all about understanding and embracing the new standards of a more agile and interconnected workforce. Just add an office space, new technology, tailored services and a holistic long-term perspective and you’re in business.

IT Masterplan

IT Masterplan is a long-term planning in the development of information systems to support the company’s vision and mission. The IT Master Plan contains organizational or company strategies in utilizing information technology as an enabler and adding competitive advantage. The IT MasterPlan discusses from the vision and mission of the organization or company to IT project management planning.